Secret Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger
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Secret Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

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Those days are long gone when people used to do blogging as a part-time job— now blogging as your career is not a bad idea. Many people in this world are doing blogging as a profession. 

But when you choose to blog and want to make it your occupation, then you need to ask yourself a few questions – 

  • Do you love blogging? 
  • Do you have blogging mindest?
  • Are you willing to stay on this blogging platform for a long time?
  • Is your motivation for blogging is money-oriented, or you love blogging and want to make this your profession at any cost?
  • What will be your blogging niche? 

These are the questions you must ask yourself first. 

Let’s keep this article simple. Let’s not talk about all the tricky parts of blogging. We will do that later in this blog article. 

So my first question is whether you love blogging or want to start blogging just for the sake of earning money?

Well, let’s have a brief discussion on this. If you are going to start your blogging journey to earn some money and satisfy your pocket, then think again! If you want to be a successful blogger, then you need to change your thinking approach.

Take the example of any successful bloggers and read their success stories. We will only find that they are successful because they love blogging. Money has never been the priority of all successful bloggers. They became a blogger because they love writing and have some knowledge in a specific field.  

Money is just one of the many outcomes that come with blogging. So at first, you need to develop a blogging mindset. 

This brings me to my second question, and that is, do you have a blogging mindset?

It’s crucial to develop the right attitude towards blogging before you start your blogging career. Many factors define the blogging mindset. But the most critical aspect in all of the elements is your willingness to learn each day.

Feed your brain with new information related to your blogging niche and keep basic knowledge about your blogging platform. Now there are so many things to learn. But you have to keep it simple for yourself. 

Here’s how you do it in just two simple steps :

At first, you need to analyze your blogging niche. You have to note down all the essential topics that are related to your niche. This is how you define your niche. 

Later in this article, I will show you how to analyze your blogging niche. 

Now start reading different blog articles that are related to your specific niche. In this way, you will gain more knowledge about various topics, and when you start writing your blog article, these pieces of information will come in handy.  

For example: Suppose your niche is home decor. So it would be best if you find out all the topics related to home decor. Such as furniture items, bed sheets, curtains, flooring, carpet, rugs, wall painting, kitchen, and its various types of equipment, bathroom, bath tile, storage, lighting, and so many things cover the particular niche. 

Now your job is reading various articles related to your niche and gain knowledge. This is how you become more familiar with your niche. 

Now, the second important thing is you must know the blogging platform. If your website is on WordPress, then you should acquire knowledge about WordPress. You have to get acquainted with WordPress. You don’t have to know all the coding and technical features, but you should hold enough basic WordPress knowledge. 

Because many times it happens when you face a problem related to your website. Knowing your blogging platform will make your work easier in understanding the issues and resolving them.

Thus in two simple steps, you will develop a blogging mindset.

Success doesn’t come overnight. You will have to become a horse of a long race. Your zest to stay here on this blogging platform for a long time ultimately gets you success. 

There are so many technical factors work behind this. I meant to say that Google takes at least two to three months to rank your website properly. Sometimes it takes more than six months too. But we will not talk about that. Our goal is to keep things simple.

Don’t get demotivated by early results. You will have to routinely work for at least three to four years without putting any second thought in your mind. You need to work hard every single day and upgrade yourself with new knowledge. 

After three to four years, you will notice that people will start recognizing your blog and subscribing to your newsletter for upcoming articles. Eventually, with time, your blog traffic will increase.

So keep patience and give time to yourself and to your blog to grow.

Secret Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Now then, it’s time to get a little bit technical. 

How to be a successful blogger in 2021? 

We will discuss seven tips that will make you a successful blogger in 2021.

  • Finding out the right niche.
  • Writing Skills.
  • Keywords and Keyword research. 
  • Reading other’s blog articles.
  • Writing SEO friendly articles.
  • Writing long articles.
  • Maintaining the proper format of your blog articles.

Finding out the right niche.

Every blogging website should base upon a specific niche. So, Google can identify and recognize your website and rank your website on a particular keyword related to your niche.  

Finding out the right niche for your website is not a hard nut to crack, but sometimes it can be complicated. Because there are so many things, you can write about. 

But here, you need to take a stand and ask yourself what you are good at. Choose your niche according to your specialization. In this way, you can add more value to your readers. 

Deciding a niche according to your specialization gives you backup to produce more and more content without any fear of plagiarism.

Now many times, people go for popular niches. Most trending niches. Choosing the most trending niche is not a bad idea. However, you need to promise yourself that at first, you will learn about that particular niche and then start putting content in front of your readers. 

Writing Skills.

What else can be more important than writing skills? If you have good writing skills, you will undoubtedly make a significant impact and establish good relationships with your readers, and further, you can make your blog reader stay long on your blog post. So you must focus on your writing skills. 

There are many ways to improve your writing skills. In any language you write your blog articles, you must start focusing on that language. Read articles related to that language and see how you can improve yourself. Now, start writing in that particular language. The more you write, there will be higher the possibility of developing better writing skills. And always be ready to see the opportunity to advance yourself. Try to make the least grammar and spelling errors.

So with time, experience comes, and all those mistakes you have made earlier eventually bring out the best in you. 

Keywords and Keyword research. 

Keywords are the words that people type in the search engine to find what they’re looking for. Whereas keyword research is a process by which you analyze many different forms of any keyword and gather data. Later, those data are utilized to rank your blog post higher in search results.

Well, now how to do keyword research? 

Doing keyword research is not difficult. But it would be best if you keep few essential things in mind. We will discuss those critical aspects later in this keyword research topic. 

But first, let’s talk about “Why we need to do keyword research?” 

Before you plan for any topic, you need to do keyword research. Keyword research gives you all the hidden metrics of that topic. So what things should you be looking for before you even plan for your writing?

Let’s discuss this.

When you do keyword research on any platform, whether it is a free or paid SEO tools, you need to look for specific metrics. What are the associated terms related to that keyword, what are the average monthly searches for that keyword, how much competition does that keyword have? 

For example: If your topic is leather boots, then the associated keywords are boot, hiking boots, leather, footwear, shoes, fashion boots, etc. You need to find out all the related keywords associated with your niche and use those keywords in your blog article.

Now, let’s come to the second part.

Once you find out all those relevant terms associated with your keywords – now it’s time to find out how much competition that keyword has. If you are a new blogger and your domain authority is not that high, you need to find out keywords with low competition. Because through those low competition keywords, you can easily rank your articles on the top pages of Google.

Now then, let’s move on to the average monthly searches. 

If you are going for a low competition keyword, you must see the average monthly searches of that particular keyword. It would be best to choose the keyword with low competition but high search volume. 

Such keywords quickly rank on Google search results, and with a high average search volume, it will bring more traffic to your website.

There are few completely free SEO tools, and the most popular of them is Google Keyword Planner. As a beginner, you should not go for the premium costly SEO tools. Google Keyword Planner will do the work for you. 

All you need to do is go to Google Ads and login with your email id. After that, you need to go to the top right corner and choose Tools & Settings. Now the dropdown list will open, and consequently, you need to select Keyword Planner

This will lead you to a new window where you need to select Discover New Keyword. A page will open, and here you need to put your desired keyword in the search bar, and press Get Results

You will get all the metrics related to your keyword. Such as associated terms related to that keyword, Avg. Monthly searches and competition (means how many people are searching for that keyword).

This is how you do keyword research. 

Now you know keyword research, then it is time to improve your writing, and you do that by reading other blog articles.

Reading other’s blog articles.

Reading other’s blog article will not just improve your writing, but it will also enhance your knowledge about that particular topic, which is related to your niche. It is required to know what other bloggers have written on that specific topic.  

So there are few things you need to keep in your mind at the time you read other’s blog articles in your niche :

  • See how informative that article is, and can you make your article more informative than the one you are reading?
  • See the structure of that article. How well is that article written?
  • See how well the keyword is placed in that article. 
  • See how many variations of that primary keyword has in that particular article. 
  • And at last – Will you able to connect with readers with your information? 

These are the points you should always keep in mind while reading an article. Thus you can make your writing more informative.

Writing SEO friendly articles.

Making your article SEO friendly is another art to master which comes with your blogging journey. 

Now you have enough resources to write about. So it’s time to put your hands on the keyboard and start writing. Let’s make the article SEO friendly. 

We have already discussed keyword research and finding various variations of any keyword – so let’s smartly put those keywords in your article. It would be best if you place your keyword naturally in the article. This is how you can make your writing SEO friendly and will be able to rank your blog post on the top pages of Google.

Writing long articles.

Now you know how to put keywords in your blog post. So it is time to write long articles. Writing a long article is one of the best ways to rank your blog post on the top pages of Google because it gives you the option to place more keywords in your blog post. So try to write a long article and don’t forget to put essential keywords. 

Maintaining the proper format of your blog articles.

Maintaining the proper format of your blog articles is as important as making your article long and SEO friendly. Always write your blog post in the appropriate paragraph with headings and sub-headings because it allows you to embed more keywords in your blog post. In this way, your article does not just look good, but it will also become more SEO Friendly.

Conclusion : 

I guess we have discussed all the fundamental details of what is required to become a successful blogger. So follow all the steps and start your blogging career. Learn from other bloggers in your niche and apply that knowledge in your blog posts. 

Don’t lose your heart from early defeats. Stay long on this blogging platform and always work hard. Success will follow and leave no doubt in your mind. It is attainable. 🙏

Secret Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

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